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May 31, 2016 by: Melissa Mitchell

At GlobalMusic4 Life we love media. Well, we love media with a positive and forward thinking message.  Add health information and we are giddy with excitement! I am pleased to share this with you. We have two books that were self-published by our founder, Kiki L. Hurt M.D. , and we feel they are must haves in the home. While we work to get them in every library in the United States, we wanted to let you know they are available on Amazon and at!

They are number two and three in Dr. Hurt’s “Mini Medical School” series. “Save Your Own Life: How The Body Works and When to Seek Medical Attention” tells about human anatomy, what to know before, during, and after going to visit a physician, what information you should keep for health emergencies and more. It is a reference guide that every home should have. Often adults are clueless about basic information about their health. This book gives you a good ground work of what you need to know.

Mother and Baby: The Circle of Life is a great reference book that all young people, both male and female should read. It speaks to you about pregnancy in clear and easy to understand language.

I recommend that you get a hard copy of each for the home and read it with your family. It is also great for your e-book collection and you can get free software to allow you to write notes (for example: list your medications and medical conditions to have the information handy when you go to the doctor or even on a trip.)



Save Your Own Life: Mini Medical School

 Mother and Baby: The Circle of Life


GlobalMusic4 Life


When I say we love media, I mean it! Check us out on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The health and well-being of you and your family are important. We provide the health education via a variety of media. These include music, dance, cartoons, fun games, and books. It is up to you to share the information with your family, friends, and community. We hope you do. As the blogger for GM4L and GlobalMusic4 Life, I can seem a bit “preachy.”  It is our job here to get health information out to the masses. This is available everywhere online but you cannot have too much money or too much health information. We put it in an easy to read and easy to understand format that everyone can easily access.  We hope you enjoy it all and share it!


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