May 27, 2016 by: Melissa Mitchell

robinnyc“Shut up and Run: How to get up, lace up, and sweat with swagger” is a new book coming out in late June by ultra-marathoner and health enthusiast Robin Arzon. I am definitely going to buy it when it comes out! The book will have a lot of information about running as a sport and lifestyle. It will also have plenty of glossy pictures whose goal, it seems, is to inspire others to run and work hard at their goals so that they can be happier and healthier.

That is great. However, it is just a piece of why we love Robin and people like her. At GlobalMusic4 Life, we are constantly on the lookout for people who are not only fitness and healthy lifestyle lovers. You’re skinny, you eat right, you exercise – great! (She says as she rolls her eyes, chomps on celery and fantasizes about double stuffed Oreos)

We love Robin because she works hard to get us slackers off our duffs to join in her fitness revolution. She inspires us to want to be healthy. She lets you know that it is hard work – even for her. She also lets you know you are worth the effort.

So after discovering our company wide healthy chic crush, I did a little reading on RobinNYC. She is a NYU grad, good for her! She graduated from Villanova law. Great she is smart too! She had a successful legal career. (Ok, I think she should marry my brother, she is perfect, wait… nope, I wouldn’t do that to her) She gave all of that up to work in the health field. Wow!

She is working hard too. At first we thought, OK cute chic on a bike (while sipping a bit of haterade). I was introduced to Robin via one of the companies she works with. The Peloton company utilizes her as one of their teachers for their state of the art Peloton bikes.

So far, Robin is our favorite.

Robin, I am so sorry for those names I called you last week. It wasn’t me. It was the strange, sweaty, bent over in pain chic who took over my body during your class. I used a bike at a friend’s house. I have to get me one. I will do it right after the feeling comes back into my, ummm, well, never you mind.

Beyond being a Peloton instructor. Robin is a certified running coach, personal trainer, and Schwinn spin instructor. Last week she completed, with thousands of fans cheering her on, a 100-mile marathon.

That is insane.

It also shows she is dedicated. It shows that when she says she was looking for “new adventures in the health and wellness space” she was being genuine. What we love best about Robin is that she is taking others with her. At GlobalMusic4 Life, we applaud Robin Arzon and her efforts to inspire others to be healthy. That is our goal too! So often we see people who are fitness models, gym addicts, and super health conscious, but they are in it for themselves and it shows. Robin cares about others and that shows. I for one need a lot of encouragement and I appreciate that.

So run, do speeches, model, teach, do whatever you can do, Robin, to get the word out. We will try to hold up our end as well.

Now I just have to get one of those bikes and complete a 5 mile ride.


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