Mother May I?

May 8, 2016 by: Melissa Mitchell

Mother, May I?



What is the role of “mom” in the health of the family?

Ok who am I kidding? Mothers rule the world! Yes, there are a few moms out there who probably wished they would have dished out a few spankings over time outs. In general, the female head of house has a lot of sway over the health of the members of that household. Single moms may be at *90% but even women with partners are at 75%.

*Ok I am a blogger not a skilled journalist, I pulled those numbers out of the air. However, let me give a quick argument for my statement. Mothers really do control a lot of the health decisions in a home.


What do they control?

  1. Your life!

Hey it’s Mother’s day and my mom is R.I.H. so I get to be a bit sulky. However, this is true. Mom decided to keep you and have you. She decided what food you should eat. She decided if she wanted to smoke cigarettes or crack. She decided if she wanted a cocktail. She decided on prenatal care and vitamins and healthy food or just rolling the dice. Your mom, well not everyone’s, but many, has been looking out for your good health since before you were born. Heck some say no to pain medicine so you will not start your first day all groggy and doped up. Hooray for all natural childbirth moms! God Bless you!


  1. Your food!

If mom is a vegetarian, you are. Period. If mom eats fattening greasy food, well sorry but you do too. It is so important that mothers watch what they eat. They develop habits in their children that are lifelong. Have you noticed often and active fit family are usually all healthier looking and a family where mom and dad are obese the kids have the tendency to be too?


  1. Your health education….

This is where we step in. GlobalMusic4 Life is on a mission to provide up to date, relevant, and sometimes even fun, health information and education to everyone but particularly children. So yes we are aiming at mothers and dads too!


  1. Your lifestyle!

Also known as your daily activity. This is where that 90% comes in. Your friends, school, athletic ability determines a lot. However, mom is the cheerleader, cab driver, cook, nurse, maid, etc. that guarantees your lifestyle. She runs home to take you to soccer practice when dad can’t make it. She bakes the brownies for the fundraisers. She tells you to go out and play or go play your video games. When a mother encourages a healthy lifestyle, kids usually have one.


  1. Your health care!

Did I mention she is a nurse? It is very important that mom knows basic medical information. Ice or heat? Sweat it out or starve it? Put the kid in bed and tell him to suck it up or rush him to the ER? GlobalMusic4 Life thinks it is imperative to educate the primary healthcare providers in the family. We are all about music and entertainment and fun. However, our bottom line is medical education.  Mothers with sick children usually take it upon themselves to research how to take care of a child with a specific ailment. However, we feel parents of “healthy children” need to be educated as well. Something as simple as how to use an

epi pen or how maybe you should NOT take that item out that is sticking out of your kid and let the doctor do it so you will not cause a bad bleed… all good stuff to know.




There is no end to the importance of mom’s in our lives. We at GlobalMusic4 Life wish all of the mothers, and surrogate mothers out there a happy and healthy Mother’s Day.


What did you do for your mom today? I said a prayer for my mom, Joanne Mitchell, Rest in Heaven.


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