Legal but not always healthy

May 1, 2016 by: Melissa Mitchell

Legal but not always healthy




We often take medicines to make us feel better. Some say we are quickly becoming a nation of wimps! The slightest little ache or pain and we run to the doctor for medicine. Me, myself, am all for better living through chemistry. We have to be careful when we use pain relievers. There is a thin line between using some for pain versus using them for euphoria.

I can give you a list of the people both famous and unknown who were started on pain killers for legitimate reasons. Many of these folks had back pain or surgery or some acute illness that while it was active, pain treatment was necessary. Then, the person gets use to it and suffers without it. This can be especially difficult with those of us who suffer from chronic pain.

Imagine your feeling of wellbeing as a chart. At 70%, you are a normal and healthy, happy person. At 25% you are in agonizing pain. At 100% you experience total pain relief plus euphoria. No one wants to go back to 25% (0% isn’t possible that’s when you faint from pain). The problem is once you have experienced, let’s say 90%, it is hard to go back to a doctor recommended 60%. That would be a little pain but tolerable. This is where addiction comes in.

What is the solution? We have the “war on drugs” and laws prohibiting stuff like ecstasy and molly, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. That does not stop folks from ruining their lives on those substances. How do we get people who suffer from legitimate pain from becoming addicted? Pills like Vicodin, oxycodone, Percocet, and others are legal unless being abused. If you can function and you have money there is no problem in getting them.

One solution is to not use them out of a clinical setting. Another solution is to use alternative medicine first while getting to the underlying cause of the pain and trying to resolve it. Surgery helped my chronic back and leg pain but it did not erase it by a long shot. I use anti-inflammatory herbal remedies, exercise, acupressure, chiropractic, and plain over the counter medicine. I refuse to take the “good stuff” unless I am at 25% again and only to get to 60%. That means one pill every few months versus every few hours.

Medicine is difficult to circumvent. Pain is seen as the enemy. The odd thing is it is not the enemy. It is merely an alarm for the enemy approaching. It tells us the leg is broken or the nerves in the back are inflamed or that an organ is malfunctioning, etc. We know this. We are adapted at being at 70% and once we discover 80, 90, 100%… it is extremely difficult to go back to a 60%. Being pain free is addictive.

Note I said pain free. That means a 70% not 100. Once you have experienced pain and know that it can come back, you try your best to avoid it. (God Bless mothers!) This journey to alleviate pain is filled with twist and turns. The Percocet takes all the pain away but the doctor said when the ten pills are gone just take Tylenol. You agree until you find that you are still in discomfort with the over the counter medicine. Is there something you can do?

Well yes. You are not going to agree or like it.

Learn to live with the pain. I will take a clear head and aching back over a cloudy head and no pain any day. Unless of course I hit about 40% then I will be at the doctor’s office crying like a baby. I am human after all.  We have to learn how to function with a little pain and increase our pain thresholds. Athletes do it all the time. Ok, yes they also indulge on pain medications sometimes as well. The point is not to act like a 65% pain level is a 25% and go popping pills and shooting injections too quickly.

Suggestions on how to deal with pain:

Meditate: Stress often makes pain seem worse and feel worse

Exercise: Keep muscles limber really helps both muscular, joint, and nerve pain

Limit over the counter medicines: Take them when they are absolutely necessary not all of the time. Liver and kidney damage can occur from over use of over the counter pain relievers

Chiropractic: It helps and is often covered by insurance

Herbs: Ask a naturopath about stuff like noni, garlic St. John’s wart, remember herbs can clash with medicine so make sure your doctor and naturopath know all of the medications and drugs you are taking.


One more thing. Throw the pain relievers away when you are done. Kids and teens take them for the euphoria effect and you do not want them in the hands of people they were not prescribed for.


How do you relieve your pain? Any special herbs, roots, berries, you would like to share ?

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