Larry ‘The Problem’ Foster

May 31, 2011 by: RubyAnn Namoca

Larry Foster aka 'The Problem'Lawrence Foster, known by stage name LTP (Larry The Problem) is a Hip-Hop Artist and a song writer born in Chicago Illinois. His unique voice and lyrics, captures various types of listeners.  After many years of music appreciation, he began taking music seriously at age 17 after being encouraged by friends and family he began to explore my musical abilities to see where it would take him.As a natural autodidactic learner, over the years he has been able to apply the skills necessary to record and produce music.  The passion to learn how to produce music was created out of necessity because music production can be costly he decided to learn how to produce the music he wrote. At the age of 21, he released his debut Classic Mix tape called No Solution Vol.1.
A father of one daughter, he has learned what it means to be loyal, hardworking and versatile in an ever- changing society.  This knowledge serves him musically as well, and allows him to bring fresh and energetic composition to melodies that both move you and make you want to move.
Larry has a deep love for the Hip Hop and Pop genre of music.  He feels this type of music is relatable and allows him to express himself more fully. “Music and beats do for me what a hammer does for a carpenter, or a pan does for a Chef…” It leaves him fully engaged to serve and do his best work.  In cases where he may not like a specific sound, he challenges himself to find the edge and make something more of the track than when he initially received it.His style finds its distinction woven inside the uniqueness of his voice, which is commanding and draws people in. His desire is to bring a different flavor that anyone can savor and appreciate.
Coming from a background that forced him to learn at an early age how to overcome obstacles; like the death of his father and his mom’s inability to care for him, gave him the drive to succeed so that he can give his daughter everything she needs. The way he believes that he will accomplish this goal is to excel in music.  He envisions one day being considered among the best to be in the industry, so he sows the seeds of tireless work to reap a harvest that can feed his family while simultaneously making the world a little less lonely.Performances in clubs from the Midwest to the northeast have allowed him to share his talent and set the stage for more riveting performances.  Larry’s mantra is…”No days off!”

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