Earth Day Fun

April 29, 2016 by: Melissa Mitchell

Earth Day fun


April 23rd was Earth Day and we had a blast. It was a perfect opportunity to meet with community members, leaders, and a lot of kids. I was the section leader to clean up an area as a volunteer for “Friends of the Parks.”

My back was killing me. I wanted to squeeze the young ones and drink their energy juice. Ok, that sounds gross. However, it is a sentiment I shared with a lot of the middle aged people. We mostly stood around giving advice and instructions. I went one step further and helped several others plant two trees and some flowers. They looked great afterward.

For us people, people who moan about their aches and pains – I realize that we are just a bit jealous. I know the bloom of youth is now in someone else’s basket. I take herbal supplements for joints, vitamins, pain, heck even a little St. John’s wart for the occasional funky attitude. I love to see young people who are healthy and out and about. Fresh air and sunshine was the order of the day! It was sunny, not too hot or too cold – just right.

As I enjoyed the company of all of the community oriented young people. I suddenly had a thought. My group had ten kids and three other adults. All together there were about 5,000 folks helping out in 100 sites across Chicago. Chicago has 3 million people. How amazing would it have been if we got just 10 percent of the population to show up? Just ten percent of the school age kids would have been great.

When I talk to people about my journey and GlobalMusic4 Life and our efforts to educate and encourage young people – every one really the goal is to encourage others to be as healthy as they can be. However, I falter. I falter because I am hardly the poster child for good health. I am officially the pot calling the kettle metal. I do feel however, that we are on this planet together and need to do our best to be better people, citizens, and friends. My way is trying to eat healthier (I failed miserably this past winter, darn my master culinary skills!) I also try to exercise more. I cannot go from 0 to 100 but I am at 30 trying to get to 70%. The cliché is true. I am a work in progress.

My motto has always been to “uplift as I climb.” I fight the crabs in a barrel syndrome. I like to talk about healthy habits and remain the poster child of what not to do. Now I show folks what to do after you see the errors of your ways. We are all on a journey. The point is to enjoy it and stretch it out as long as possible!

So we were in the park, cleaning, planting, laughing and talking for the day. Afterward I had some money donated by a benefactor and I took the kids to dinner. The deal was water and pizza and salad. We had dessert at a different location and then played night Frisbee and had a foam balloon fight. It was too cool for water by that time but we had shaving foam from somewhere and then, well things got messy. I am still explaining to parents what happened.

I am always thinking up ways to exercise without it feeling like exercise. What better way than to play with kids? They were awesome! They cleaned, they planted, they obeyed everything I said. My little electronic doo-hickey said I burned 798 calories and took 12,000 steps. That means they probably burned 2,000 calories and took 20,000 steps. Some were a little skinny, others were a bit chunky, but all ended the day happy. No electronics required – not even my little one. I broke even after the slice of cheese pizza and small salad. I think I came out ahead in a way. The kids at the Earth day event rejuvenated me and reminded me why GlobalMusic4 Life must continue its work. Simply said, they are worth it.


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